• Category : Public spaces
  • Schedule : 2012 - 2015
  • Location : Lovere, Bergamo, Italy
  • Size : 170 lm
  • Client : Comune di Mozzo
  • Role : Master Plan, Architectural project, Landscape design

Verso l’acqua

Promenade “Lady Mary Montagu”

The Town of Lovere, one of the “Borghi più Belli d’Italia” (Most Beautiful Villages of Italy), has recently undertaken a redevelopment policy, regarding public places, from a tourist point of view. The height difference between the lake and the urban level signed the lakefront as rift between the town and the lake. These two elements never touch themselves; water is perceived only in the distance. A careful reading of the history maps will show you as the old urban Renaissance grid towards the lake. The Town of Lovere has shared the solution to get a public promenade into a Place, to create an experiencing emotional place inside which you can experience the soul of the place: a place in which people meet each other and enjoy the landscape. Instead of a simple “duplication” of the lakefront boundary, the project is a sort of hybridization between the Renaissance urban grid and the lake line. The result is a new “place”, which joins the existing promenade, later becoming a real path on the water. Just completed, the new promenade has become immediately familiar to both residents and tourists. It‘s a real place, unexpected and surprising. Even those who simply need to pass through, they prefer to use the new promenade, although longer. It’s a sort of landmark, recognizable and hospitable. Today is one of the most experienced places of the historic village.