De8 Architetti.
Unspecialized architecture
from Bergamo

Mauro Piantelli (1966), Carlo Vailati (1966) e Massimo Bressanelli (1966) graduate at the Polytechnic University in Milan (Italy). Since the early 90’s they start working in Milan (Italy) and establish the De8 architects office. They soon moved the office to Bergamo and in 2008 Cristian Sangaletti (1976), graduated at the Polytechnic University in Milan, becomes associated architect. The Office works both in Italy and abroad, dealing with a wide variety of design themes: urban, residential, commercial, trade, hotels, sports facilities, interior design, retail. In recent years the office was able to verify through the realization of many projects, some research topics addressing environmental sustainability without sacrificing a the use of a contemporary and very personal architectural languages.

Our projects

One of the main research themes, brought ahead during the latest years, regards the identification, comprehension and definition of the “landscape-building features”, natural or man-made, and more specifically the interrelation between architecture and landscape while defining “place”. What De8 intends as a description of a landscape is very close to a topographic approach: a very subjective descriptive process that implicates precise discretions of the natural and/or artificial elements to be highlighted. An extremely subjective, but intimate, choice, even distorted, which summarizes the “reproduction” of a place, highlighting it’s “uniqueness”. A diametrically opposite approach to the logics of the contemporary city, characterized by a steady loss of identity, specificity, the contemporary city could be described as “generic city” that progressively has lost it’s context-sensitiveness.

selected projects