De8 Architetti.
Unspecialized architecture

Mauro Piantelli,Carlo Vailati and Massimo Bressanelli graduated in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano. They founded the De8_Architetti studio in the early 1990s in Milan, later deciding to move the firm to Bergamo.The firm works both in Italy and internationally, focusing on heterogeneous design topics: urban planning, residential, office, commercial, hotels, sports facilities, interior design, and exhibition museums.The opportunity to make frequently changes of scale, from urban design to construction detail, as well as the focus on different architectural topics, has become a characteristic of their professional practice: ‘unspecialised architecture’.The firm has been awarded several times, both in Italy and abroad. After participating in numerous collective architecture exhibitions, in December 2021 De8_Architetti inaugurated the first exhibition entirely dedicated to their architectural research.

Our projects

In the last few years De8_Architetti has been involved in re-generation projects of the historical-architectural heritage, both at the architectural scale (Nuovo Belvedere skyscraper Pirelli) and at the urban scale (San Pellegrino Terme: Kursaal, Nuove Terme, Hotel – Bergamo: ex Gres area, ex Reggiani and Gewiss Stadium).Since 2014 they have been involved in the re-generation project of the ex Cotton Mill in Crespi d’Adda (Unesco heritage site).With the regeneration design of the Bergamo stadium, they investigated the possibility of working on sports buildings as elements of urban re-generation.The ‘GRES Art’ project, a space for contemporary art, is included in the official dossier of ‘Bergamo-Brescia Capital of Italian Culture 2023”.

selected projects