• Category : Shops and malls
  • Schedule : 2002 - 2005
  • Location : Orio al Serio, Bergamo, Italy
  • Size : 130.000 m3
  • Client : Finser
  • Role : Master Plan, Architectural project

Metal light box

Metal light box – Oriocenter

The new building completes the project of the Oriocenter both conceptually and physically. There has been two main points to resolve:the addition of the new volume must complete the natural development of the existing one, though still maintaining its own identity; it is important to define a new way of perceiving what is the front and what is the back side of the building by integrating the southern part of the site, which until now has seemed detached from the project. We have decided to realize a volume independent from the existing one, a new volume built ‘on’ the parking lot rather than ‘next to’ the present edifice. In its interior the shopping walkway is perceived as a continuum, a flow between the two constructions. Contrary to the economical logic of a shopping center, the facades are not utilized for advertisements. Disrupting the relationship between container and content, the external surface is made of an unsophisticated material like galvanised steel, the value of which is increased by the installation of modular light panels. In this way the building presents itself as a landmark, its metal skin – bright and reflective in the day – becomes a dynamic element at night. The volume Itself is luminous: It is not being lit, but instead light up its surroundings. The facade light-slabs are controlled by software that allows for a variety of scenarios. The building pulses, it constantly changes in harmony or disharmony with the natural light conditions and weather. A cantilevered glass volume on the southern end faces a landscape balancing between an agricultural past and a somewhat undefined urbanization process. The administration located inside the glass box gives a new importance to what once was a backside, but now becomes an opening towards the natural landscape – toward the plains.